Ready to Recharge? Upcoming Fashion and Beauty Online Courses!

First thing first, congratulations if you are approaching to the end of another semester.

Summer is coming, which means the best time of the year to recharge ourselves with sunshine and knowledge is right around the corners.

For the past four months, keeping a regular presence on this blog to share beauty tips was indeed tough. Retweet or merely copy and past could be a solution, but to make Juicy Artsy a great platform for original source for beauty tips and knowledge, it is always necessary to take that extra time to learn new things.

If you are desperate to enrich yourself with more fashion and beauty knowledge, I am more than happy to recommend some upcoming online courses on Skillshare with you.

Similar with Coursera or edX, Skillshare provides online training courses ranger from business, design, fashion, to make-up. Enroll in any of the beauty or fashion related courses, professional make-up artists could become your individual tutor, and you are able to learn the insights and fundamental knowledge about the fashion industry.

Here I would love to highlight some interesting upcoming courses that you could give it a try.

  1. The First Steps of Fashion Design: From Concept to Illustration— Always have great cloth-design ideas in your mind, but always struggle to jog them down on your sketchbook? Take a look at this beginning level course that allows you to start from learning the proportion of human body.
  2. Sew A Roll-Up Organizer–Why spending $20 on a makeup brushes organizer if you could make one by your own? Fulfill your summer time with crafting your own creations!0c8f3b7b644b382f6a6a15ccf406c4fe
  3. Instagram for Business – 6 Tips for Marketing on Instagram– As being bombarded with rich media information, marketing through different mediums could be a critical skill to acquire. Instagram is the huge platform for attracting millennials, so start to build your brand awareness on Instagram!

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