How Dirty are Your Makeup Brushes?

If you are a makeup geek, how often do you wash you brushes or substitute your expired products with new ones?

If you are not a fan of makeup, congratulations! You’ve survived from another great chance of getting your skin in trouble with infection.

Not like food or drinks, cosmetic products normally are not labeled explicitly to indicate when their expiration dates. But do you know that the shelf-life for beauty products, especially the ones applied around eye area, could be as short as 3 months?

屏幕快照 2016-04-24 19.25.00

 Instruction Indicates Shelf-life of Cosmetic Products.

What could be much more horrible than that? Based on research conducted by scientists from London Metropolitan University, one of the bugs found in out-of-date cosmetic products “enterococcus faecalis”, is “a main cause of meningitis, which kills more children under five than any other infectious disease in the UK.”

As the same study suggested, majority of us are not crystal clear about when to throw away those jars of bacteria into the trash can.

The research implied the following bugs or bacterias were found in those expired cosmetic products:

屏幕快照 2016-04-24 19.48.19

Most Commonly Found Bacteria in Expired Beauty Products

Shocked by these facts? This great article might help you figure out how to find the expiration date.

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