Beginner Guide: 3 Questions to Answer Before Buying

Swirl back to the time when I first stood in front of the millions of racks of beauty products, got my hands on those glamorous-wrapping things, I always felt myself experiencing “Alice in the Wonderland”– Everything seemed so beautiful, but where shall I start? What’s the difference between liquid foundation and powder foundation? What’s the difference between bronzer and contour?

To help you better handle with this dilemma, don’t rush yourself to pay for the products. Before that, let’s figure out:

  • What is your skin type?— This is always the No.1 concern, no matter you are picking out a skin care product or cosmetic product. If you are oily and happen to use a product for dry skin? 100 percent chance of becoming a greasy ball. Generally there are three 4 types of skin: Oily, dry, normal or combination. Take a look at the following picture to help you out. Multani-Mitti-Face-Pack-Skin-Types

Not vivid enough? Watch the following YouTube video for detailed guidance to self-test:

  • What is your skin tone? — It might be disappointed to know that there is no universal color system for skin tone, that’s why you need to swatch the foundation in person to decide which shade fits you the best, but there are the following general types of skin tone:fitzpatrick-skin-tones-700x179Once you’ve got a sense of which category you fall into, it must be easier to narrow down your selection. Based on the drugstore products I’ve tried, I would recommend Rimmel’s match foundation for DRY SKIN, and Maybelline’s Instant Age Rewind for OILY SKIN. Think about peer review for more advices, such as Allure and Beauty Pedia
  • What occasions will you be wearing the cosmetics products for?–Or let’s put it this way: How do you want your complete look feels like? Professional? Sweet? Seductive? Minimal? If you are about to go for an interview or you are still a student, then nude color combination of eyeshadow might work best for you. If you are picking out products for girls night out, then definitely go with bold colors. Following

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