The Beauty of Phone Screens

Let’s take a breath and see the beauty of, not fashion or women, but the beauty of phone screens.

During the class period, my teacher showed a sound slide depicted a Chinese society ball at a local hotel. We were yet sort of shocked by how sticky the young people are with their mobile phones in the second slide.

屏幕快照 2016-04-14 02.14.20

Millennials of China growing up in this era, is the generation being forced to confront with drastic economic boom, world view transformation; at the same it is the generation living with the greatest anxiety.

In the late 1900s, after Deng’s presence in front of the world’s public eye as the president of PRC took place, series of economic reforms were brought up by the Chinese government for the purpose of reviving the soft power of this nation. That was the time when China truly opened up its front gate to the world, gradually building up economic and cultural connections with the world.

What might be the drawback of this overwhelming economic prosperity? I can still recall how rare it was to see my father staying at home back to my childhood years. Because of the booming economic growth in the South of China, millions of people chose to head to the South and initiate their own business, which left little or even no time to take care for the families. Consequently, the 20s were growing up with less accompany of parents or family members, but more with screens. From the TV screen, to the mobile phone screen, Chinese millennials are getting much more addicted than ever to counteract the sense of loneliness and anxiety caused by the lack of expected presence of family members. Study shows that the average time Chines millennials spend online each week is 27 hours, which is 7 hours more than the amount of time consumed by U.S. millennials.  To eliminate the unhealthy reliance on phone, variety of methods were being introduced in China.

Briefly concluded, never feel rare to see groups of Chinese playing with their phone. The beauty of staying connected with the rest of the world could counteract the loneliness!


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