Monetization of Beauty Blogs

How do fashion bloggers make money? This is the question I’ve doubted for thousands of times after reading and watching tons of incredible works devoted by people living. The first three weeks of running a beauty blog could be full with excitement, but such glamour of labeling oneself as a “blogger” never comes easy. Each time I force myself to sit in front of the screen, I find myself struggled with what content to generate. Thus it is easy to picture how much efforts one needs to devote to if trying to make this as a living. After some in-depth research I did online, following are the few ways fashion bloggers live  on their own:

  • High-Quality Contents–Yes, yes, yes. This is the No.1 rule to follow, not only for beauty blogs but any content-oriented mediums, no matter beauty blogs or beauty vlogs. Other than keeping the content in a professional manner, building up a blog with new findings and observations are necessary, even mandatory. Novelty wears off easily as more and more beauty bloggers involve in, this is especially true when you browse on YouTube to see the thousands of videos covering contents with very similar contents. Search for the buzz make-up tutorials “Contouring and Highlighting”, you can see 223, 000 results laying in front of you. The first step of monetization is generating great quality with high level of originality so that the other people could recognize one’s expertise or uniqueness. If a beauty blogger is merely repeating the same contents “copied and pasted” from others, a greater chance the audience click on the red exit button on the page.


  • Get Yourself Famous–Don’t underestimate this. A great blog is constitutes with not only high-quality content, but also incredible amount of efforts on distributing the content. “Good Wine Needs No Bush” is the falsest advice ever. This Forbes article could give you a sense of how to get more viewers keep on engaging. Why get famous? Because no matter how wealthy you are, trying on new skincare and make up products always need money, money and money. We’d better make the brands get their eyes on us so that we could be sponsored from them! A vivid example would be how the newly released beauty brand “Glossier” tried to sponsor varieties of bloggers to promote their products. Simply stated, “I get the money to make your products being visible on my blog or channel, you get your products famous among my followers”. Fair enough?

Christine, known as “chrissstttiiine” on YouTube as a beauty vlogger, “reviewing” Glossier products by producing this collaborative video. 

Margret Zhang’s collaboration with Uniqlo for SS 14


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