Facts about the Beauty of Geisha

Geisha (艺妓) is a group of unique Japanese female professionals that live their lives as entertainers, mastering variety of traditional performing skills such as singing, dancing, tea ceremony, and gaming.  What hides behind the mysterious white-make up and costume of kimono is the absolute elegance and traditions Geisha girls embodied with.rc-舞妓-Maiko

Dancing, singing, gaming , drinking, and even the ability to entertain customers through conversations, are the primary skills a geisha girl needs to master. To be fully qualified as a Geisha, girls are required to undergo years of training at specialized institutions. Prior to Geisha, one normally needs to become a Maiko (dance girl) first at the early years of her career, so that she could enjoy more expertise and reputation. Geisha girls enjoy their “best age of career” around 30.

Geisha girls are well-known not only for their unique professional skills and mysterious about their life behind the scene, but also for their flawless skin condition. Since Geishas often perform in a close distance with audience, therefore it is clear to tell if a Geisha has great skin or not. As being considered as the representation of youth and purity, a Geisha normally enjoys better reputation if she has greater skin. Therefore the beauty industry has been fascinated about the secrets of Geisha’s beauty and skin care rituals. We can even see industry-leading brands like Shisedo and Tatcha borrowing tons of Geisha concepts to cater for female consumers’ admiration for having great skin condition like Geisha girls do. Following are a 3 well-known secrets of Geisha’s skin care rituals:

  1. Stay Away from the Sunlight: The profession of Geisha could be traced back to the 1800s that no modern science and technologies exist, yet for sake of covering their face with white make-up easily, Geisha girls often prefer to stay away from the sunlight as possible as they could. Out of our expectation, this belief has been proved scientifically to be effective on maintaining great skin condition.
  2. Cleansing Face carefully on a daily bases: Cleansing is the first and most critical step for Geisha girls in order to keep their face away from the damages of white make-up.
  3. Polishing Skin is Equally Important as Cleansing: By polishing skin, skin care products could show their best final results on one’s face.

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