Squeeze Out Extra Time from Your Morning Routine


How long do you spend on putting your makeup on in the morning? It has been rumored that it takes forever for women to get ready for the day despite of what occasion it is. This rumor has officially being proved to be true scientifically. A research done by Harley Street Clinic shows that women spend approximately 474 days of our lifetime on merely putting on the glamorous on our face.  It is also being unveiled that Monday often takes the longest to prepare, with an average of 76 minutes; Friday is normally the time we care the least for how we look, with an average of 19 minutes to get ready.

Too much time on make up? What about go out with bare face? According to another study done by St. Ives, only 13% women are willing to show their bare face when go out.  Many female executives come to our clinic for semi-permanent make-up so that they can save time on their daily routine but still have an amazing pristine appearance which looks good for every occasion”, as make-up clinic specialist Debra Robson revealed.

Semi-permanent make-up might be a solution, but this highly expensive option is definitely not applicable for college students group. If you are a perfectionist like me, try to look great (or at least presentable), but still want to squeeze out that extra time to prepare for the wave of finals, there must be other remedies to help us out.

Instead of sacrificing the look, I have experimented with several tactics that save my time from morning routine.

  • Cut skincare routine into fewer as possible.

Priming serum, toning spray, serum (sometimes two serum, one for aging concern one for moisturizing), eye cream, moisturize, and sunscreen. This is the perfect skin care routine if you are desperate for the flawless skin condition. But for school days? No. I normally cut these steps into 3 steps: Toning water→serum→moisturizer.  

  • Minimize the amount of skin-care products you use.

For each of the 3 products you use, avoid using excessive amount. Since morning time is quite limited, and skin care products need that time to be absorbed into your face, too much serum or moisturizer being put on may lead to longer time to absorb.

  • BB or CC cream is the holy grail.

Foundation requires longer time period to apply, since it normally requires looking into a mirror and using a brush to spread out evenly. Thus I prefer to use CC cream on school days, which could be applied mirrorless and brushless.

  • Avoid heavy eye makeup

If you do makeup on a daily basis, it must be clear to you of how much time those great Instagram eye-makeup cost. For college students, looking natural weighed more than looking fabulous, therefore save that Instagram eye-makeup for weekends might be a great choice. Go with natural shades eye shadow is what I always consider to be appropriate and time-saving for school days.

  • Make-up bag is the first-aid kit for beauty girls.

Lastly, diminished morning time means you might need to do touch up later on. I normally keep a make-up bag within my school purse for later touch-up. Following are the products that I love to bring with me:

  1. Stick concealer- Blemishes, under-eye circle, or even scars, name whatever you think that hurts your look, a great concealer could always help you out. I have severe under-eye problem, therefore concealing my dark circles is the No.1 thing top the list.s1344415-main-zoom
  2. Tinted lip balm- Instead of bringing a lip stick, tinted lip balm could help moisturizing our lip. If your lip balm has SPF, that’s an extra mercy!H00002290_490
  3. Facial spray- This might be only applicable for dry skin type like me. If you tent to be oily throughout the day, I would recommend switch this to a setting powder.MTIzNjEzMTkwMDY0NjA0Njg2



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