Believe It or Not?

Tinker Hatfield is a designer for Nike. For the past few decades his design were continuously introduced to the world fans of Nike sneakers. Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and even President Obama, all used to be his “client”. This name might be unfamiliar for you, but many of the Air Jordan well-known collections were brought up by this super experienced designer. Interesting in the other design collections that established Tinker’s reputation? Check out this article: 30 Years In The Making: Tinker Hatfield’s Best Sneaker Designs.

Tinker joined the Nike family in the year of 1981. Before stepping into the design industry, he was an architecture-major student with a degree from University of Oregon. As grown up in China, I could clearly see how his wok is bringing up the young generation’s enthusiasm about sneakers in China. What you can always see in any campuses in Beijing, would be the  bunch of cool kids showing off their new Jordan sneakers. The success of wide-spreading of Nike sneakers world-wide was obvious, yet we failed to realize that most of the sneakers were actually designed by this American young ex-architect. I perceive Tinker’s philosophy of design embedded with a sense of Confucianism–the value of long-term orientation. As Tinker revealed in an interview with Hypebeast,

“I have this philosophy that every time I draw something or sit down to try and design, whatever I do is a culmination of everything that I have seen, done and experienced in my life before that point in time.”

If you have ever got a chance to get in touch with American culture, or at least American movies, “Back to The Future 2” must be the one on the list.


Besides the plot, the most iconic item would be this pair of futurism-inspired Nike sneakers wear by Marty Mcfly.

Yes, Tinker was the designer. But don’t you feel curious about what happened 27 years after the movie made its deputy in 1989.

Nike introduced the self-lacing sneakers to the world, to celebrate the anniversary of “Back to the Future”.

屏幕快照 2016-03-27 23.55.05

Marty Mcfly, with the self-lacing shoes.


Believe it or not, the science and technology that we even not dare to dreamed of 20 years ago, are gradually becoming true.


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