Cruel World? Probably Yes.

Two weeks earlier, I posted a blog about a question being raised by a anonymous guy who was trying to get opinions from Quora to decide what to wear if he was about to meet with business investors for his new venture. To refresh your memory, east coast prefer business casual or event suit and tie, because that is how people judge about one’s expertise and credibility. On the other side, California folks don’t really care about what to wear, because they have Silicon Valley genius like Zuckerberg who dressed in T-shirt for Facebook IPO event.

Are we dressing descent just to negative judgement from surroundings? What about relate this controversial topic to our student group?

Ida Frose is an international student studying at Purdue University right now, she inspired me with the thought that people could tell what one’s interest is, even what kind of music genre he or she loves, by merely observing the outfit one get .  Following are our conversations.

  • What do you normally on school days?

On school days I dress casually, a pair of jeans, t-shirt, and maybe a sweater. Nice but not looks like I am going out

  •  Do you have any preference of certain styles? S

I used to dress kind of sporty, but I am trying to get away from that kind of dressing but like more mature, more sophisticated.

  • 3. What might be the reason for this preference ?

I guess since I am getting a little older, and people often think I look younger than I am, so I’m hoping the way I dress can make me older as I actually am.

  • 4. What do you think about how other perceive about your outfit?

I don’t know. Actually Americans told me that I dress better, they think Europeans dress better. I did not know that at all and I was surprised. I guess its a nice compliment (smile).

  • 5. Do you try to convey certain messages by outfit?

Not really. I guess it is nothing more than looking great.

Katie Erdelac is a PR student from Purdue University, she is a senior right now. Katie prefers dressing in comfort style over looking gorgeous but feeling cold in the winter. She thinks people normally judge on others’ outfit, but she would rather dress to feel happy and confident.

  • What do you normally wear? Any styles you prefer?

Simple jeans or black jeans, a sweater and scarf. I don’t normally do patterns.

  • Why do you prefer to wear in that way?

Because I feel comfortable, and I found kind of a style that works for me, and also I feel confident for what I wear.I’d rather dress for myself than for anyone else.

  • Comfortable vs Looking gorgeous?

I’ll definitely do comfort.

  • What do you think what people think about your style?

I don’t really pay too much attention on that. I feel flattered when people compliment on my style, but not too much considerations when I get ready in the morning; I just focus on what makes me happy and what makes me confident. If people like my style, that’s a confident booster, if they get something to say about that, I’ll just to rush it off, because I wanna wear what makes me feel happy.

After getting these opinions from the college group , my curiosity is aroused by how general people’s reactions are towards this question. For the past few years, I was exposed to many psychological and social theories concerning about this topic. One of the most controversial is an on-site experiment about how apperance affect how people treat a person.This experiment was conducted on a busy pedestrian street in an urban area, the talent of the experiment is asked by research conductor to walk on the street while faking he is feeling sick  by gradually leaning towards the ground. The talent was first asked to dress in pro-business style. Under the guidance of research conductor, the talent changed his outfit, dress like a homeless and repeat what he did in the previous scenario. Not surprisingly, the “business guy” is definitely getting more assistances from the people passing by; yet when you take a chance to watch this videotape of the experiment, and witness how people faking they don’t see what is happening to the “homeless guy”, you must be thinking “This is a crude world”.


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