Back with Jacki Look

Presidential election is blowing the wind, no matter it is the traditional media industry, or your Twitter or Tumblr. Fashion fellows are , indeed, trying to involve into this hot buzz discussion going on as well, but in a fashionable way. Vanity Fair did publish a slide share to illustrate the “briefing history” of Trump’s hairstyle; Business Insider, on the other hand, consulted with hair surgeon to explain why that hairstyle is suffering. The best guess among this unique hairstyle would be “surgical flap that rotate side of his hair to the front”.

Agree or not, even though Trump is running his own men’s ware line, his fashion sense for hair style is generating himself large attention from the younger generations, yet no necessarily means their votes.

Take a look on the other side of the spectrum, John F. Kennedy ‘s apperance and fashion sense were definitely the plus. Discussions were going on to claim that JFK won the election because he looked better on the screen. Interestingly, President Kennedy’s wife, Jacqueline Kennedy, also won Kennedy lots votes because of her sophisticated fashion style.

Jacki Kennedy is famous for her style with a hint of French trends. Here are some distinct trends that Jacki inspired to the world:



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