Know Your Skin 101–Perfecting by Concealing

Concealing is one critical step of make-up, it does the job to cover up the dark circles, blemishes, scars, or any other imperfections that might hurt your look as a whole. I personally would even skip the foundation if time is compacted, but never forget to conceal, since I have severe dark circles and blemishes around under-eye and nose ares.

When it comes to concealing, be knowledgeable about how to neutralize the color is critical. Why? Because color correction for each category of problem is different. Before we move on to correcting the problem, it’s necessary to take a look at color wheel first:


To make it as simple as possible, I will put all the tactics in these following steps:

  1. Decide what you want to conceal first. Remember, each spot of imperfection has different color under it, thus never try to use one single concealer to correct all your problems.
  2.  Figure out the hue of what you want to cover. Try to stand under the natural light instead of the yellow ones, otherwise the hue reflected is not the true color.
    1. Dark circle–Violet/ blue for most circumstances;
    2. Blemishes– Red color for most of the times;
    3. Dull skin–Yellow/ orange
  3. Using the opposite color on the color wheel to cover up your specific problematic spot. This is the golden rule to conceal, and the reason why a single concealer cannot solve all problems at one. Take myself for example
    1. Dark circle with blue hue–After checking up the color wheel, orange concealer is what I need.
    2. Blemishes– Concealing with green or blue hue.

Above are the 3-step concealing tips. Following are the products that I have used before that really did a great great job:

  1. Pixi- Eye Bright Kit: Comes with 4-color combination. It also contains Q10, which is an ingredient used to minimize fine lines417Qni3dugL
  2. Kryolan- Concealer Circle 9086 Neutralizer: A little bit pricy, yet it comes with 5 colors, at the same time greater amount. 41FutPMatDL

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