The 2016 Purdue Fashion Show Will Be Held On April. 2nd


Retrieved From JConline Lafayette Event Home


The annual student-run fashion event will be presented to the Greater Lafayette public on April 2nd this year, at Cordova recreational sports center.

This fashion event is completely designed and operated by Purdue students major in Apparel Design and Technology. Besides the gorgeous costumes, event-related assets including venue design, model audition/ selection and event marketing are executed by students as well.

For the agenda of the event, besides the most exciting runaway, award ceremony will also be included in this event, to honor the most distinguished designers and their hard work.

Senior collection exhibition is one of the highly expected part of the event. After 4 years of knowledge and hands-on experiences attained at Purdue, senior students will present their “final” project to the audience, which is the last memorable moment at Purdue before they step into the real fashion world out there.

Purdue Fashion Show have generated public attention in the past few years, as its contribution to the dynamic of Purdue students’ culture life. Last year before the 2015 Purdue Fashion Show, a series of Q&A articles were published by “The Exponent” as a preview for the event. Several senior designers were being invited to reveal their excitement about exhibiting their hard work to the whole campus. Dana Smith was one of the interviewee being featured on “The Exponent”. Her collection ‘R for Revolution’ was created for the purpose of raise the awareness of “resistance towards sexist expectations”. Kenzi Cheesewright, another senior student, designed her collection “”Urban Chic Gone Wild” based on her childhood memories of growing up on farm.


Event Information:

  • Dates and Times: April 2, 2016, 11:00AM-12:30PM
  • Price: $10-$20
  • Tickets will be available from early March, also buyable on the event day at the entrance.





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