This Girl Mastered Pinterest As Her Tool, Like A Pro.

Full closet of clothes, nothing to wear? No worries, let this girl help you out.

Caroline Moss is an editor from Tech Insider. After attaining the degree of Journalism from University of Massachusetts, her career as an editor give her that extra intuitiveness to utilize social network as a smart helpful tool, other than a time-consuming finger scrolling exercise.

Pinterest is where Caroline’s experiment started. To avoid the unnecessary time waste on coordinating her outfit each morning, she decided to pick just one piece that she loves to work around with, and then search that piece as her key word on Pinterest to get inspirations.

Started in the year of 2014, each day Caroline could get “pages and pages of inspirations of outfit ideas” by doing the little research before getting puzzled about outfit coordination. For Caroline, Pinterest is no longer just a social network full with

Other than a time saver, another thought that I can’t agree more would be the “I have nothing to wear” feeling being dissolved after adding this step before heading to the shopping website. Just as what Caroline explained in the article:

“The outfit search pushes me to be more cognizant of all of the kinds of things I already own and all of the ways in which to wear them, and they work best if you’re searching an item of clothing that could work with a lot of other wardrobe pieces.”

To be one step forward, Pinterest is more than a social network site. Indeed, its superior performance on traffic and user-engagement generating have been observed. According the interview conducted between Business Insider and Evan Sharp (cofounder of Pinterest), being a social network platform is not enough from his ambitious view; Instead, “Saving ideas for the future” is what Pinterest truly interested in for the future plans.

Back to the wardrobe dilemma, Mithya Srinivasan from the consumer communications department of Pinterest also shared some insights with us. Based on the accumulative search result, the buzz outfit tags that being searched for most on Pinterest are:

                                         1. Ballet flats paired with blazers



2. Polka dot tops paired with mint cardigans


3. Striped dresses paired with army jackets.


Briefly wrapping it up, Caroline’s experiment with Pinterest inspired me to rethink about the presence of SNS in my life. Rather than engaging in the mindless browsing, why not using them as functional tools to inspire?

Don’t be the slave of your Pinterest, master it!


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