K-Beauty? See What the Asian Make-up Trends are blowing.

Browsing Vogue website is not my daily routine, but as I was trying to get some inspiration about the content I will be covering for my vlog project, I opened my Safari and landed on the Vogue page, and here is what I saw:

屏幕快照 2016-02-27 23.18.30

屏幕快照 2016-02-27 23.10.13

Yes, This Korean Pop Artist Has Took The All Front Page!

I don’t know if YG (Tier 1 Korean pop-stars’ agency) paid Vogue for covering these articles, but this Korean rap singer/pop artist called CL is everywhere on the front page of Vogue. If it costs, then the price must be insane.

It was little bit shocking by how Vogue and the fashion/beauty industry is leaning towards the Eastern beauty style, as being exposed to both cultures, I can tell how diverse they are. Here are 3 fun major trends that blowing up the whole Asian countries yet not that popular in Western culture:

  • Dewy-finished make-up

Contradictory to the enthusiasm of matte-finished look, K-pop is all about the dewy look. What might be seen as a “grease ball” actually the preferable style in Korea. As being pale and not dimensional, Asian make-up artists love use the dewy-finished products to add that dimension into the look, and it has been widely accepted by majority.

This difference could be detected easily when you go to the cosmetic aisle. When you enter Target or Meijer, the most visible foundation products are always marked with “matte-finished, no shining”. But if you’ve got a chance to visit any cosmetic shops in Asia, adding that glow into the products is what making it convincible for customers to pay.


Ad of Famous K-Beauty Brand “3ce”, this model is  wearing the popular dewy-finished makeup.

  • Angular? No, K-pop prefer straight eyebrows.

Instead of the dramatic angular eyebrow style being adopted here, K-pop trend is advocating for straight brows. After trying both styles for a while, I came to this conclusion that rather than chic and stylish, straight brows accentuate the look  in terms of being cute, sweet and soft. Reflecting back to culture difference, this makes sense, since the characteristics of feminine and mild are favorable in Korea, rather than being chic and sexy.


Straight Brows is Considered to Accentuate Cuteness in Most Asian Countries.

  • No abs? Fine. Because being short and skinny is the “holy-grail” thing.

Instead of looking sporty and healthy, the definition of beauty in majority of Asian countries is all about being skinny, as skinny as possible. Take myself for example, I weight around 125 pounds and height around 5.6 ft. I wear size 2 or even 0 here in the U.S., thus I guess I fall into the “petite” category here. This used to be a shocking fact when I first came here, since back to China I am considered to be a giant tall girl in my class, and my cloth size is always L or even XL.

*This blog satisfies the “Fun Observation ” requisite.



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