Stay Away from that Sunlight!

The last winter storm (hopefully it is) is attacking the Greater Lafayette area. Wrapping ourselves within layers and layers of coats do help us fight against the cold, but do you know your eyes need some protection too?

If you have been resident in the East Coast or Mid-West, you mush have exactly the same experience like mine, at least one time in your life: Walking from the snow world outside into a building, and suddenly you can see nothing at all.

This is actually a result from seeing the strong reflected sunlight from the snow. Majority of us are aware of the health damage of exposing our skin under the sunlight, but when it comes to snow, it actually reflects 80% of the sunlight that could cause temporary blindness to human. Besides, exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays over time could even cause eyelid cancer.

Considering about rushing to your closet and pick out a pair of sunglasses in this big snow day? No problem. But let me assist you one step more: Choosing the sunglasses that enhance your face!

We all know that sunglasses come with different shapes, sizes and materials, yet not all of them fit us the best in terms of matching with our face shapes. Here are a simple 3-step tactic to help you find out the perfect sunglasses that protects you from the sunlight.

♣Step 1: Take A Selfie

Yes, not kidding. But what we will be using with this picture is figuring out our face shape, thus photo should be framed with your head in the shot only. Don’t tilt your head, even though that looks great for SNS sharing…


Not sure if the angle you chose can truly reflect what your actual face shape is? A great solution would be checking with your mirror while taking the selfie. The type of photo that being used on our passport are pretty much what we want, but in case you’ve lost or gained some weight, or your hairstyle has changed, we still need a current mug shot of yourself.

Got the right angle? Pull all your hair back, go ahead and click on the button. Voila, here we can move on to the next step!


Step 2: Find Which Category Your Face Shape Falls Into

There are generally 4 types of face shapes:


Use the selfie you took to check which kind you are. Specifically, pay special attention to these following 3 parts: Hair line, cheek bone, and jaw line (or chin).

  • Oval-Width of forehead to chin gradually becomes thinner
  • Square-Strong jawline, angular in general
  • Round- Ratio of width to length of face is nearly 1:1, and widest at cheekbone
  • Heart-Widest at cheekbone similar to round-shaped face, yet a thinner.


Step 3: Find the sunglasses that enhance your face

Here is the golden rule: The frame should balance with you face shape, which means that the more angular your face is, the rounder  you want the sunglasses to be, and vice versa.

Following are the most popular sunglasses types:

Follow the golden rule, I would love to make the following suggestions for you:

  • Oval–Square; Wayfarer
  • Square–Round; Aviator; Round
  • Round–Wayfarer; Sports
  • Heart–Cat-eye; Aviator


Take myself for illustration: I am somewhere between oval and heart, since my forehead will be hided if I put my hair down. Thus the angular shaped sunglasses like square or cat-eye could compliment my face shape.


Hope this guidance could assist you find the perfect sunglasses for yourself.

Stay warm and protect your eyes from the snow glare!



  • This blog satisfies the “your choice” requirement.




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