How I Style My Hats?


One “killing” item for me to spice up my outfit during this season is hat. Hats are highly functional to keep you warm, at the same time give a hint of style that bright up your whole look.

Various designs of hats are easy to see on the market, and here is a instruction to help you figure out what each kind is called:mens-hat-chart-1


I styled three of my favorites from my hats collection: The classic cowboy, the fedora, and the beanie. To give you a clear visual of how each style is coordinated, I am wearing the black turtleneck sweater throughout the three outfit.

  1. Classic Cowboy

The name might sound wild, yet cowboy shaped hats are always my first choice for classic looks, match perfectly with cape or formal coats. I feel like myself fly back to the 19th century

2. Beanie

The most beloved one for college students. Looks great with any casual looks, and is the perfect tool to hide your unwashed hair. This seems to be a must item for me during exam weeks, easy to wear with hoodies, shirts, and even tank tops.

3. Fedora

Somewhere between cowboy and beanie, it looks classic and elegant, yet if you style it with jean jacket or black leather jacket, you are adding a sense of punk style into your outfit.


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