Why Does Anna Wintour Wear Her Sunglasses (everywhere) ?


If you’ve ever had a glimpse of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, or any high-end fashion magazines, you must be familiar with the name-“Anna Wintour”.

Yes, she is the devil being depicted in that movie. As the editor-in-chief for American Vogue, her critical perspective has strongly affected the fashion industry throughout the past decades. However, what makes this lady known world-wide is her enthusiasm for wearing sunglasses 7/24. Google her name, one of the top associated key word must be “Sunglasses”

Not surprisingly, dark shades matches her poker face, as well as her straightforward cold personality that being depicted by media. As an outsider of fashion industry, I’ve always assume that the No. 1 unspoken rule to succeed in the fashion industry is: Having (or making up) a unique trademark about yourself and making it visible every single time to the audience, it will make people feel curious about you, and you will be famous!



Obviously, Anna Wintour’s trademark is her persistent love for sunglasses. Magazine cover, New York Fashion Week, sports event, even inside during the Academy Award… literally everywhere.

屏幕快照 2016-02-20 21.46.10

Why? Unfortunately this fashion icon never gives an official explanation for this.

In the recent YouTube Video “73 Questions with Anna Wintour”, Anna showed up with her sunglasses on for majority of the time, again.

The journalist finally brought the question “Anna there is no window here, why you put those on”? 屏幕快照 2016-02-20 21.56.22

Guess what she replied?


“Hiding from you”


*This is the “fun fact” blog for this week


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