Dress Like a Minimalist

Writing a blog no more than 300 words, tweet under the word controlling class duration within 50 minutes…Time is literally being chopped into small pieces in this information explosion era , accordingly the willingness to make everything multi functional for efficiency is becoming overwhelmingly stronger.

Appearence and outfit are the most unique messages that people unconsciously receive and decode. Think about seeing a girl cover herself with fur jacket, faux leather legging and sky high heels in your 7:30 class, while you are wearing t shirts and pajama pants, guess who is generating that stressful feeling for the whole class?

The concept of minimalist is getting ahead of the game now. The basic idea about this dressing style is: Dress least amount of color and simplest pieces to make one’s outfit stand out.

Do not bother yourself to dig out your closet and match the outfit forever. Save yourself 5 minutes for a lovely breakfast instead!

Following are 5 pieces of must—have items I would recommend that go with any occasions as long as you are dressing in school context:

      1. White cotton t–shirt: This is a universal symbolic dress code telling people that you are neat and clean.
      2. Black legging: Super comfortable closet piece that compliment almost anything, from t shirt to hoodie, from formal collar shirt to tank top
      3. Jumper in dark shades: This is necessary for those of you who are still suffering from the winter, like me.
      4. Ballerina flats: Iconic item that represents minimalists.
      5. Thrifted jean jacket: Costs under 10 bucks, yet it is a truly statement piece for being a minimalist.




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