Know Your Skin 101-Undertone

When it comes to outfit and makeup, it is all about matching the perfect color that goes well with your skin tone. We all may experience hard times to choose the right foundation/lip/hair color that fits our skin tones. Well, that’s the tricky part of undertone.

  1. So, what is undertone? Is it same with the term “skin tone”?

Undertone is the hue of our skin, or simply stated, the color that lays beneath our skin. It is different from our skin tone, and it will never change no matter how your skin tone changes. There are three categories of undertone colors: Cool, warm, or neutral.

2. Why is it necessary to detect our undertone?

If you have cool undertone, then the warm shades might not look great on you. If you have warm undertone, similarly, the cool colors like blue or pink might not fit your complexion well.

3. How to find out our undertone?

Two easy ways:

  • Use your jewelry—Put gold and silver jewelries beside you. If the silver one looks great on you, then you have cool one. Gold one? You have warm undertone.
  • Your veins–Check out the color of your veins of your wrist under the sun light. If it looks with a olive shade, then you are warm-toned. Looks purple or blue? You have a cool undertone shade.







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