This Girl Mastered Pinterest As Her Tool, Like A Pro.

Full closet of clothes, nothing to wear? No worries, let this girl help you out.

Caroline Moss is an editor from Tech Insider. After attaining the degree of Journalism from University of Massachusetts, her career as an editor give her that extra intuitiveness to utilize social network as a smart helpful tool, other than a time-consuming finger scrolling exercise.

Pinterest is where Caroline’s experiment started. To avoid the unnecessary time waste on coordinating her outfit each morning, she decided to pick just one piece that she loves to work around with, and then search that piece as her key word on Pinterest to get inspirations.

Started in the year of 2014, each day Caroline could get “pages and pages of inspirations of outfit ideas” by doing the little research before getting puzzled about outfit coordination. For Caroline, Pinterest is no longer just a social network full with

Other than a time saver, another thought that I can’t agree more would be the “I have nothing to wear” feeling being dissolved after adding this step before heading to the shopping website. Just as what Caroline explained in the article:

“The outfit search pushes me to be more cognizant of all of the kinds of things I already own and all of the ways in which to wear them, and they work best if you’re searching an item of clothing that could work with a lot of other wardrobe pieces.”

To be one step forward, Pinterest is more than a social network site. Indeed, its superior performance on traffic and user-engagement generating have been observed. According the interview conducted between Business Insider and Evan Sharp (cofounder of Pinterest), being a social network platform is not enough from his ambitious view; Instead, “Saving ideas for the future” is what Pinterest truly interested in for the future plans.

Back to the wardrobe dilemma, Mithya Srinivasan from the consumer communications department of Pinterest also shared some insights with us. Based on the accumulative search result, the buzz outfit tags that being searched for most on Pinterest are:

                                         1. Ballet flats paired with blazers



2. Polka dot tops paired with mint cardigans


3. Striped dresses paired with army jackets.


Briefly wrapping it up, Caroline’s experiment with Pinterest inspired me to rethink about the presence of SNS in my life. Rather than engaging in the mindless browsing, why not using them as functional tools to inspire?

Don’t be the slave of your Pinterest, master it!


K-Beauty? See What the Asian Make-up Trends are blowing.

Browsing Vogue website is not my daily routine, but as I was trying to get some inspiration about the content I will be covering for my vlog project, I opened my Safari and landed on the Vogue page, and here is what I saw:

屏幕快照 2016-02-27 23.18.30

屏幕快照 2016-02-27 23.10.13

Yes, This Korean Pop Artist Has Took The All Front Page!

I don’t know if YG (Tier 1 Korean pop-stars’ agency) paid Vogue for covering these articles, but this Korean rap singer/pop artist called CL is everywhere on the front page of Vogue. If it costs, then the price must be insane.

It was little bit shocking by how Vogue and the fashion/beauty industry is leaning towards the Eastern beauty style, as being exposed to both cultures, I can tell how diverse they are. Here are 3 fun major trends that blowing up the whole Asian countries yet not that popular in Western culture:

  • Dewy-finished make-up

Contradictory to the enthusiasm of matte-finished look, K-pop is all about the dewy look. What might be seen as a “grease ball” actually the preferable style in Korea. As being pale and not dimensional, Asian make-up artists love use the dewy-finished products to add that dimension into the look, and it has been widely accepted by majority.

This difference could be detected easily when you go to the cosmetic aisle. When you enter Target or Meijer, the most visible foundation products are always marked with “matte-finished, no shining”. But if you’ve got a chance to visit any cosmetic shops in Asia, adding that glow into the products is what making it convincible for customers to pay.


Ad of Famous K-Beauty Brand “3ce”, this model is  wearing the popular dewy-finished makeup.

  • Angular? No, K-pop prefer straight eyebrows.

Instead of the dramatic angular eyebrow style being adopted here, K-pop trend is advocating for straight brows. After trying both styles for a while, I came to this conclusion that rather than chic and stylish, straight brows accentuate the look  in terms of being cute, sweet and soft. Reflecting back to culture difference, this makes sense, since the characteristics of feminine and mild are favorable in Korea, rather than being chic and sexy.


Straight Brows is Considered to Accentuate Cuteness in Most Asian Countries.

  • No abs? Fine. Because being short and skinny is the “holy-grail” thing.

Instead of looking sporty and healthy, the definition of beauty in majority of Asian countries is all about being skinny, as skinny as possible. Take myself for example, I weight around 125 pounds and height around 5.6 ft. I wear size 2 or even 0 here in the U.S., thus I guess I fall into the “petite” category here. This used to be a shocking fact when I first came here, since back to China I am considered to be a giant tall girl in my class, and my cloth size is always L or even XL.

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Stay Away from that Sunlight!

The last winter storm (hopefully it is) is attacking the Greater Lafayette area. Wrapping ourselves within layers and layers of coats do help us fight against the cold, but do you know your eyes need some protection too?

If you have been resident in the East Coast or Mid-West, you mush have exactly the same experience like mine, at least one time in your life: Walking from the snow world outside into a building, and suddenly you can see nothing at all.

This is actually a result from seeing the strong reflected sunlight from the snow. Majority of us are aware of the health damage of exposing our skin under the sunlight, but when it comes to snow, it actually reflects 80% of the sunlight that could cause temporary blindness to human. Besides, exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays over time could even cause eyelid cancer.

Considering about rushing to your closet and pick out a pair of sunglasses in this big snow day? No problem. But let me assist you one step more: Choosing the sunglasses that enhance your face!

We all know that sunglasses come with different shapes, sizes and materials, yet not all of them fit us the best in terms of matching with our face shapes. Here are a simple 3-step tactic to help you find out the perfect sunglasses that protects you from the sunlight.

♣Step 1: Take A Selfie

Yes, not kidding. But what we will be using with this picture is figuring out our face shape, thus photo should be framed with your head in the shot only. Don’t tilt your head, even though that looks great for SNS sharing…


Not sure if the angle you chose can truly reflect what your actual face shape is? A great solution would be checking with your mirror while taking the selfie. The type of photo that being used on our passport are pretty much what we want, but in case you’ve lost or gained some weight, or your hairstyle has changed, we still need a current mug shot of yourself.

Got the right angle? Pull all your hair back, go ahead and click on the button. Voila, here we can move on to the next step!


Step 2: Find Which Category Your Face Shape Falls Into

There are generally 4 types of face shapes:


Use the selfie you took to check which kind you are. Specifically, pay special attention to these following 3 parts: Hair line, cheek bone, and jaw line (or chin).

  • Oval-Width of forehead to chin gradually becomes thinner
  • Square-Strong jawline, angular in general
  • Round- Ratio of width to length of face is nearly 1:1, and widest at cheekbone
  • Heart-Widest at cheekbone similar to round-shaped face, yet a thinner.


Step 3: Find the sunglasses that enhance your face

Here is the golden rule: The frame should balance with you face shape, which means that the more angular your face is, the rounder  you want the sunglasses to be, and vice versa.

Following are the most popular sunglasses types:

Follow the golden rule, I would love to make the following suggestions for you:

  • Oval–Square; Wayfarer
  • Square–Round; Aviator; Round
  • Round–Wayfarer; Sports
  • Heart–Cat-eye; Aviator


Take myself for illustration: I am somewhere between oval and heart, since my forehead will be hided if I put my hair down. Thus the angular shaped sunglasses like square or cat-eye could compliment my face shape.


Hope this guidance could assist you find the perfect sunglasses for yourself.

Stay warm and protect your eyes from the snow glare!



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How I Style My Hats?


One “killing” item for me to spice up my outfit during this season is hat. Hats are highly functional to keep you warm, at the same time give a hint of style that bright up your whole look.

Various designs of hats are easy to see on the market, and here is a instruction to help you figure out what each kind is called:mens-hat-chart-1


I styled three of my favorites from my hats collection: The classic cowboy, the fedora, and the beanie. To give you a clear visual of how each style is coordinated, I am wearing the black turtleneck sweater throughout the three outfit.

  1. Classic Cowboy

The name might sound wild, yet cowboy shaped hats are always my first choice for classic looks, match perfectly with cape or formal coats. I feel like myself fly back to the 19th century

2. Beanie

The most beloved one for college students. Looks great with any casual looks, and is the perfect tool to hide your unwashed hair. This seems to be a must item for me during exam weeks, easy to wear with hoodies, shirts, and even tank tops.

3. Fedora

Somewhere between cowboy and beanie, it looks classic and elegant, yet if you style it with jean jacket or black leather jacket, you are adding a sense of punk style into your outfit.

Why Does Anna Wintour Wear Her Sunglasses (everywhere) ?


If you’ve ever had a glimpse of the movie “The Devil Wears Prada”, or any high-end fashion magazines, you must be familiar with the name-“Anna Wintour”.

Yes, she is the devil being depicted in that movie. As the editor-in-chief for American Vogue, her critical perspective has strongly affected the fashion industry throughout the past decades. However, what makes this lady known world-wide is her enthusiasm for wearing sunglasses 7/24. Google her name, one of the top associated key word must be “Sunglasses”

Not surprisingly, dark shades matches her poker face, as well as her straightforward cold personality that being depicted by media. As an outsider of fashion industry, I’ve always assume that the No. 1 unspoken rule to succeed in the fashion industry is: Having (or making up) a unique trademark about yourself and making it visible every single time to the audience, it will make people feel curious about you, and you will be famous!



Obviously, Anna Wintour’s trademark is her persistent love for sunglasses. Magazine cover, New York Fashion Week, sports event, even inside during the Academy Award… literally everywhere.

屏幕快照 2016-02-20 21.46.10

Why? Unfortunately this fashion icon never gives an official explanation for this.

In the recent YouTube Video “73 Questions with Anna Wintour”, Anna showed up with her sunglasses on for majority of the time, again.

The journalist finally brought the question “Anna there is no window here, why you put those on”? 屏幕快照 2016-02-20 21.56.22

Guess what she replied?


“Hiding from you”


*This is the “fun fact” blog for this week

Dress Like a Minimalist

Writing a blog no more than 300 words, tweet under the word controlling class duration within 50 minutes…Time is literally being chopped into small pieces in this information explosion era , accordingly the willingness to make everything multi functional for efficiency is becoming overwhelmingly stronger.

Appearence and outfit are the most unique messages that people unconsciously receive and decode. Think about seeing a girl cover herself with fur jacket, faux leather legging and sky high heels in your 7:30 class, while you are wearing t shirts and pajama pants, guess who is generating that stressful feeling for the whole class?

The concept of minimalist is getting ahead of the game now. The basic idea about this dressing style is: Dress least amount of color and simplest pieces to make one’s outfit stand out.

Do not bother yourself to dig out your closet and match the outfit forever. Save yourself 5 minutes for a lovely breakfast instead!

Following are 5 pieces of must—have items I would recommend that go with any occasions as long as you are dressing in school context:

      1. White cotton t–shirt: This is a universal symbolic dress code telling people that you are neat and clean.
      2. Black legging: Super comfortable closet piece that compliment almost anything, from t shirt to hoodie, from formal collar shirt to tank top
      3. Jumper in dark shades: This is necessary for those of you who are still suffering from the winter, like me.
      4. Ballerina flats: Iconic item that represents minimalists.
      5. Thrifted jean jacket: Costs under 10 bucks, yet it is a truly statement piece for being a minimalist.